Artist Statement

I am captivated by the human experience and the potential that human beings have to live their ultimate lives or to not really live at all. I thrive in the treasure hunt that is going deep within my most vulnerable self for what makes me who I am and I’m fulfilled when my journey encourages others to take similar steps within within themselves, deepening our potential to grow with one another.

Through motion pictures, I capture states of human life inaccessible to words alone, photos alone, or music alone. I feel most fulfilled when I’ve encapsulated, for viewers, a moment in life they have struggled to articulate, relive, or address.

My entree into indie feature filmmaking is me starting with myself and starting at home with my connection to my family and feeling a little bit like a misfit. I drive always toward the catharsis living in the space between the keyboard, the lense, and my need to make the best of who I am and how I live.

Professional Biography

With over nine years of experience in entertainment news production for the web and television, Muta’Ali has produced over 125 entertainment news segments featuring recording artists, actors, and executives.

Additionally, Muta’Ali has produced seven feature-length documentaries for recording artists under record labels including Def Jam Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Atlantic Records.

Rounding out his range of production experience, Muta’Ali has produced three diverse, pop-culture-focused web series. He has also produced scripted and/or reality-based productions for clients including The Monique Show, Ebony/Jet Magazine, and Delta Community Credit Union.

His content has appeared on CBS, BET, VH1 and MTV.